Friday, 15 October 2010

Owl Jug, this was unintentional I threw a spout less Balluster jug and decided on this after looking at the shape for a while.
Large Grain Jar, this one stands at almost twenty inches or fifty centimeters tall as do the Cider Jars in the picture below, some of the largest pots I have made in a long time and i'm pleased with them. I threw all three as two tall, deep sided bowls and joined them together which works much better for me than in one lump, more control on the neck when at that height.


soubriquet said...

Those are great!
The slip work's tasty, really lively. As for the two-part throwing, I can't see the join!

Have a look at a big skateboard stunt:

Feel nostalgic?

Dan Finnegan said...

Very tasty, Matt!

Matt Grimmitt said...

Cheers both, Soub that link is a classic, i'd seen that board being made in another clip somewhere but not seen it in action, brilliantt I want a go!