Sunday, 31 October 2010

Black Cider Jar. Ten inches tall.
One pint Tankards, I have a made a dozen of these after making some a few weeks ago and trying them out with a few big bottles of Hoegaarden beer. It even encouraged me to fashion some new sprigs to use on them.

This twelve inch wide plate has been hanging around bisc fired a good couple of months now waiting for the appropriate space to arrive in my kiln. I like how it turned out, the pic doesn't really do much justice to the depth of glaze and interesting qualities in the way the wet black slip moved the white creating a halo around the edges of the meander though. I used my horn trailer on this one which gave a nice chunky line which i'm sure I could do more with by using layers of slip in the future. Blobs of green glaze on the rim which has moved during the firing process.

More Owls and money boxes with a lot of feathering going on. I must admit I got a bit carried away with these. I had just made myself a nice new quill from a big crows feather and it was working a treat, I seemed to get in a flow and was enjoying it so much I just kept on going. The first Owl I made was very popular so I made some more, these fellas are approx seven inches tall.

Another Cider Jar, this one is eighteen inches tall with just a basic combed decoration, with a few blobs on blobs. There is alot of finished pots and others at various stages around right now, I feel like i'm on a bit of a roll these past couple of months and look forward to every available bit of spare making time and I have been really ploughing the hours into it too. My kiln has been firing non stop and it's about to get a friend to share some of the load thanks to a very kind and generous person and it sounds like at last I will be able to move into my new making space which is going to be great, very exciting. So that's that for now, need a cup of tea and a cake!


ang said...

looking good mr G, lovely big platter...

Trish said...

Exciting post, Matt! pots, and new spaces..that is terrific!.I like the tankards.
The creative groove is on a roll!
Good week to you!

Tonia said...

Hooray for 1 pint tankards - think they call for some serious quaffing!

Anonymous said...

Matt, i'm looking forward to being able to visit you in the new studio soon. You are in my opinion one of the most underated new potters in your field and you deserve great things. Please let us all know when you are up and running.
Best to you.