Thursday, 11 February 2010

A firm favourite

Ray Finch 1955 - Slipware bottle, 10 inches tall.


Tracey Brome said...

I got Gerry the Crooked Vultures CD for Valentines.
Thanks for putting it up on your blog! He will love it!

James said...

Hi Matt,

A very tasty pot indeed. I assume a very early one? Ray Finch is a legend.



soubriquet said...

Dear Mr Finch:
Yes, I like the pot, but there's a hole in it and my cider keeps running out.

p.s. I'm sending it back, could you replace it with one in shades of red and pink? It would then match the suite and curtains rather better.

Matt Grimmitt said...

Hi tracey, that's good make sure it's nice and loud too. Well I may just put it on one more time now, really don't want to play it out yet though!
Hi James, 1955 or so the bloke I bought it from tells me, maybe I should have asked how he knew that but it had an instant appeal to me and it doesn't really matter what year its from I just liked it, lovely quick feathering and yes Mr Soub is correct a great big lime blow just near the base! Red and Pink, haha, yes well that means 100% of the pots in this house would have to go back too :)

soubriquet said...

Well of course, you've just got all those old pots in there. Isn't it time you got to Ikea for some nice ones in contemporary colours, by real designers?

soubriquet said...

Ooh that almost brought me int ranting mode. What the flock is a "designer"? it seems to me that it's a person who takes a very ordinary product and has their name printed in huge letters all over it.
Then the numbwits who have no courage in their own taste can safely buy any old piece of crap, safe in the knowledge that it must be good because it's got a famous name printed on it.

Erm. Oh bugger. Shot myself in the foot there. i've got an Ikea chair... But it's comfortable!