Thursday, 11 February 2010


Just wanted to steer anyone with an interest in fired clay over to my friend Soubs blog - Grit in the Gears. He has written a fantastic post all about bricks which I know some of you out there will enjoy alot. I often find myself staring in great detail at brick walls, piles of old bricks, bits of broken brick any version of fired clay as a building material fasinates me. For a while I worked at a brick works and would often find myself getting strange looks from my work mates for staring at lime blows, bits of fossils, underfired, overfired you name it everything about them had me excited. I have had the pleasure of meeting Soub a couple of times now in person and aside from having a liking for bricks he has a wealth of all sorts of knowledge and is also a damn fine potter. Check him out here.


soubriquet said...

Face it, pal, we're weird.
I nearly wrote post number two on bricks last night, in my head, but then I fell asleep.

I'd forgotten about you and the brickworks... You got any pics?

Matt Grimmitt said...

Weird yes, always known that about myself. Post number 2, quality subject sir looking forward to that one then. Pics no i'm affraid not was a bit of a workhouse situation all work and no stopping unless it was for a quick refuel at breaktime. I kind of miss the clatter of bricks getting stacked on pallets but don't miss the backache thats for sure. Ah wait hold on I may have one or two pics will try dig them out, camera phone forgot about that.