Tuesday, 24 November 2009

First post and a few favourite pictures

Tig's first blog post

Clay Art Wales May 2008. Doug, Hannah and Paul packing the bottle kiln.

Elijah Comfort and Sid Tustin in the old drying room at Winchcombe Pottery 1930 something I guess!

Peter Smith, enough said!

Large oval made with DF's clay blend. We use this pot almost daily.

Standardised decoration, I soon got bored of repeating the same thing!

Stoneware bowls 2007.

Look how clean it all was! The kitchen 2007.

Drummer Antiqua Dec 2007

I wonder where they all went??
Welcome to my new blog, much like the old one but a much better address. Must get on with my day now will be back later with more!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

ROCK ON Matt :)

traceybroome@mindspring.com said...

Very nice! I thought of you last night as I spread a bunch of pots out on my kitchen table to dry. I still don't have any room. you are going to r.o.c.k. next year!!!! Start looking for some good shows :)

Ron said...

Hey Matt, enjoyed seeing some of those pics again. Nice move with the name change. Catch ya later.

paul jessop said...

Hi Matt, I've come over to the new blog, looks good. just read all the comments on the old blog to about poor shows. I've been there done that got the T shirt. I've decided not to do the big shows at £300 a stall, at my prices I would have to sell shed loads to even break even.
PS: I've just trialed a blue slip and I hate it.

Matt Grimmitt said...

Hi Paul, Well yes the big shows are pricey aren't they but that's really what I shall be aiming at in the future. I feel that there is so much work involved in Slipware that the big prices are definatly what I want to chase but it won't be my desicion as to whether or not I do them but I really do hope that the people that decide who they want in these events will see something they like and let me in. Blue slip, yes yuck, difficult thing to use on brown pots isn't it, i'm liking your Winchcombe inspired pots very nice bit of simple trailing is very effective isn't it and you have a nice flow going on there, keep it up. Cheers.

doug Fitch said...

nice seeing all those shots.Clay Art was a good crack wasn't it?