Monday, 23 December 2013

Been a long time ...................... is anybody still out there?? Here's what i'm upto. Merry Christmas bloggers!


Scott Garrett said...

Of Course!
Good to see at least one post a year. Have a great Christmas you guys. I'm going to kick my pots back into gear this year.. so i may bug you occasionally. I'll try not to though.
Great to see it all going well at the big 'W'

Peter said...

Good to see you still alive and kicking!
Happy Christmas and New Year to you.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

YES, have missed you! You're at Winchcombe? Wow!

Matt Grimmitt said...

Cheers Scott, Peter and Gary. Still alive and very much kicking. I reckon I'm about to re enter the blogging fold, lots to show you all of what I'm up to.