Monday, 28 May 2012

This large 13" tall Diamond Jubilee jug is up for auction on eBay this week along with the last of the Thomas Toft plates I have and I probably won't be making anymore of them now either.
You can find the jug here ......... and the Toft plate here.


Anonymous said...

Hoo-bloody-rah. poss of job at WP couple weeks ago. Mentioned you a time or two. Youd learn a lot there.

Anonymous said...

Well? Did they relent? They'll take no cockiness but if you listen and respond to all you're given rather than taking and then disowning the givers of the generosity you are shown, then you could do ok.

Matt Grimmitt said...

Hi Paul,

For some reason I hadn't seen your first comment sorry as the email notification had ended up in my spam folder something to with aol and annoymous comments I think as it's happened before. I had heard about the possibilty of an opening at WP from an old friend at the beginning of last month and after having a chat with them over at the pottery I started on the 20th. I had been keeping it quiet to be honest and only let my friends know about it this weekend infact. It's a very exciting time for me and I do realise that Mike has given me this chance in part by feeling a bit nostalgic because I have distant family connections with the pottery. I also realise that now is the time for me to get my head down and make and learn to make pots and work at it as hard as I can. The past two weeks have been one of the most humbling experiences of my life and I plan to not have much internet presence for now also, as I said I understand now is the time to work. I'm sorry if I offended you through not seeing your first comment Paul and thankyou for mentioning me and your comment.