Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Feb 2012 looks pretty good

I've just come to end of my days off from my day job and looking back I got busy with some sgraffitto decoration again with Queen Elizabeth II, diamond jubilee theme and also made a chunk of new pots again including a dozen 3lb jugs handled and ready to slip. Half a dozen more 1.5lb jugs again with more sgraffitto decoration in mind for them all and a dozen wide rimmed platters that are going to get a large amount of Toft type deco, plus some pouring bowls and the odd moneybox or three. I'd wrapped them all up under plastic before I thought about getting a picture. I did however snap this large jug that I finished up today making, it stands 16 inches tall and although dull and brown right now I also plan on doing a diamond jubilee deco in sgraffitto on this so it will be shiney and brown and gold when finished. I'd not made anything this large for a long while now and it felt good to wrestle a larger lump of clay, so after hours this week will involve getting some more large pots made now i've got past the warm up with smaller pots for a few weeks. I can't tell you how good it feels to have my wheel back and being able to crack on, it feels exciting. This is shameless advertising but I have a pot for sale on eBay right now, feel free to check it out here.

In other news, Tig is moving what she does away from our home by opening up her own workspace / shop. This will be great for her as although she does it full time already our house is bursting with all that she makes, materials, packaging, everything that her business needs. Add that to an already ridiculiously extensive collection of pottery and it's a wonder we can still sit down in our house. I'm very pleased for Tig it's a lot of hard work paying off and is a great start to the year, about time things started going our way.

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Scott Garrett said...

How the hell did i miss your last post??? Great Stuff!! good to see you getting busy with the pots Matt. Nice interesting mix, new looking shapes and deco, like it. Great news for Tiggy, I'll have to check her news out tomorrow now. Magic. May the Queen bring you some good money... she owes us i reckon!