Sunday, 9 October 2011

A few more pots to look at fresh from yesterdays firing. My wheel is still not fixed and aside from doing my day job too this weekend i've spent more time with it than I care to think about. I manged to undo the pesky nut and bolt this afternoon after hitting a spanner 1mm too small onto the end of the bolt with a large hammer! So all was good and soon enough I had the wheel head moved enough to keep the belt tight and spinning, I was happy ........ briefly! After screwing the cover plate back onto the bottom and making sure I could apply a bit of pressure onto the spinning wheel without the belt falling off again, I decided that the bearing sounded a little gritty so off came the cover again and wd40 was sprayed onto said bearing. Turning the wheel on there was a clunk and then silence, so fuses changed and that's not the problem so up popped another problem and that's what tomorrow night will be spent looking at after work. Fingers crossed its a simple fix this time.

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