Sunday, 8 May 2011


Dry Stone Wall - Bredon Hill

Track through woods, again Bredon Hill.

Cotswold Stone Stile, Iron Age Hill Fort. Top of Bredon Hill looking towards Pershore. We are lucky to live in a beautifull part of the UK and this time of year makes you realise that with eyes wide open.

Teabowl, Beaker. Heavily blown manganese decoration.

Lidded Jar. Shameless plug number one.

Combed Jug, shamless plug number two!

Nice collection of pots available from Worcester Commandry museum from May 13th onwards. Shamless plug number 3!!!


Scott Garrett said...

and he's back!... plug or no plug it's good to see it all. That's an interesting big jar at the back there Matt, not seen those from you before. I'm always a bit partial to those little bottles though.

FuturePrimitive said...

nice pots lover. it's very rare i see them for what they are these days but when looking at them without them being shoved in my face they're really quite something aren't they!

Matt Grimmitt said...

Cheers Scott, yes that big vasey type thing with handles was a one off and I liked it so kept it. Will drop you an email a bit later on, gonna do you a vid on handle making. It took me ages of battling with the buggers before someone in the know showed me and it clicked in no time. One of the most simple and effective lessons I ever learnt and i've never forgotten it.
Thanks Tig, difficult to see them with someone else's eyes when we are surrounded by so many, love you xx