Friday, 7 January 2011

Matt Grimmitt Slipware Pottery 7th Jan 2011


Scott Garrett said...

Nice one Matt. Very envious...even with your technical problems. Threw my first pots today! very exciting(load of crap though). I'd say i'm now a bit addicted and keen for my next fix! my good mood was then instantly wiped out by being told i basically need a new computer!
That wheel will have to wait a bit longer than i'd hoped. Bugger.

PG said...

Gremlins in the studio! Great video diary Matt, I well remember having to juggle a part-time shop job with painting, not fun at all, but sorts out the men from the boys as it were. I like the look of that big round flattish dish and the jug - hope I get another book job this year so that we can pop over.

Peter said...

Love the medieval style pot with the spout, and hope it works out.