Saturday, 27 November 2010

Matt Grimmitt Slipware Pottery 27th Nov 2010 Workshop update


Trish said...

Looking really great, you two!..Happy to hear your voice better this time, Matt and Tig's hearty laugh..T.B. wants to adopt you, but I think you need a Canadian momma too! that would be me!:)...haha..have a super Saturday eve. Cheers, Trish from Alberta

soubriquet said...

This is really cool! Video!
A great new workspace, a proper place to work.. Mind you, I liked the ambience of the shed with growing things outside and the kitchen just a few steps away.
It's great that you now have a decent space to work in though. Pity I missed you the other week, I'd have happily sawn wood, drilled walls, painted, whatever. Next trips in... march? I think.
The lightweight block walls are "Thermalite" which is a foamed concrete with high insulation values, but crummy strength. You can cut it with a worn-out woodsaw.
Unifix and Fischer Fixings make anchors with very strong pull out forces, which I've used for hanging heavy things on that stuff. Still there more than twelve years later, anyway.

Tom said...

Nice video. Enjoyed it. Looking forward to more!