Sunday, 7 November 2010

Shor Street Pottery

Baluster Jug, Roughly nine inches tall.
Close up of a pellet of clay on a storage jar.

Tankards, these ones hold a pint with a good head.

Starting to put things into some sort of workable order, need to find myself a nice big table that I can use as a wedging / decorating bench. Also i'm not sure if i'm going to put a load of shelves on the walls for wet pots or find a racking sytem of some kind that a bit deeper and more stable, one things for sure is that I cannot afford to throw any cash at this so i'm going to have to beg, steal or borrow whatever I do. As you can see a few shelves have appeared so far and believe it or not this was all I had on the walls of my shed, everything else was stacked up one on another, on another. Pots were taken into the house and dried on a table, sideboard, TV, cd tower and electric fire, sometimes ( if it was cold ) the decorating was done there too. I have had to work all weekend this one so progress is a little slow but my next days off are Thursday and Friday so i'll look forward to cracking on with it then. Oh yes, I passed the examinations I had to do at work too which was a relief, but I did work at it and made sure the info stayed in my brain. Shame I didn't do that when I was at school!

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Anna said...

Congrats on the passing grade. And the new space! Terrific. I have a chance to build from scratch a small studio at home. I hardly know where to begin. Cant wait to see how this turns out for you!