Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Bottles fresh out of the kiln this evening.


Ron said...

Nice Matt. Really like the one up top with the buttons/sprigs.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

whoa, Matt, superb :)

Anna said...

Love this sprigs...but the finger marks in the slip are too nice!

soubriquet said...

Hey Matt!
Great stuff, that finger combings getting to be really fluid, and the colour falling fron those sprigs, you're getting mediaeval!
I'm having a fantasy of cranking up the time machine and selling pots back in the 1600s.
Mind you, I'd probably contract some vile disease from the coins proffered by the vermin-riddled customers and then die.

Okak, scratch that idea.

Trish said...

Nice, Matt. :)..the sprigs you mentioned in your last post and on the top jug -- the 'conkers'..I have some of those seed pods and didn't know from whence they come! thank you! great on your jugs. Glad to see you posting :)
Great day to you!