Thursday, 6 May 2010

The above pic featuring this pot was put together by the very talented and all round good bloke Scott Garrett.
" Garrett world is run by the talented Scott Garrett, a freelance illustrator based in the UK. Over the years he has worked for a wide variety of clients. These include: The Guardian, The Independent, Forbes (USA), Financial Times, Time Out, Esquire (USA), Boston Globe (USA), Penguin Books, Random House .......... and many more. " - Words taken from Scott's very cool website, click through and have a look around.
I believe the pic was used for a Canadian Insurance company, thanks for including it Scott and letting me use the image on here. Maybe we should do a collaboration pot sometime, I'd really like to see what you would come up with in a different medium. Cheers.

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Ron said...

That is way cool!!!