Wednesday, 20 January 2010

More and morer

Black over white slip combed through with amber glaze.
New Sgraffito jug with amber glaze, slightly larger than yesterdays this one is 6 1/2 inches tall. I mixed a new batch of the good old amber up using my paler glaze with a bit more red iron oxide added, not sure how much as I do this by eye. I am very pleased I finally mixed this glaze again as it has been missing from my pallet for 6 months or longer now after I got sick of the sight all my pots just being amber. It works lovely on these heavily sgraffitoed pots and the decider for me was seeing one come out of the Bideford firing back in December with a similar colour glaze on it, it made me realise why this style of pot was just not working for me with the pale glaze. I have to be cautious not to use it too much though and have already over done it a bit in this same firing but at least I realised quickly this time and feel happy I have two decent body glazes to use as the majority on most pots.

Same pot, t'other side. The glaze looks slightly darker in " real life ".

This crock featured somewhere in last nights post but i'd thought i'd put it up again as I have been racking my mind over how to decorate it ever since seeing it come together on the wheel and have made up my mind today and here's how it happened ........ Tigs step father Martin is very kindly making us a kitchen from scratch and he started this morning. He was having a look at the pots on the table and he said " I like that, they are nice just left like that aren't they. " Bingo thought I, that's just the answer so this is going to get just a glaze inside and on the lid and that's that. I think it's a strong enough pot to get away with that and big enough for two loaves of bread quite comfortably.

Finally I got a bit of bleeding out of my maganese, that's what i'm looking for. You can see it between the lines on the black over white mug at the front.

A bit odd are these two.

There you go that's today, I didn't get any pots made as I was helping with the kitchen which is coming along great. It will be great to have a new one, as it was I guess the old one was from the late 1970's ...... just like me! Cheers.


Dan Finnegan said...

I noticed that crock in yesterday's blog and admired it then. Nice to see it up close and you've made a fine choice to leave it be. That would make Elijah proud! I'm fond of the combed slab dish and mugs, too.

cookingwithgas said...

Some great looking pots going on here and i really like that crock shape.

Ron said...

Looks great Matt. Thanks for the recent inspiration for the combing.

Lori Buff said...

Isn't it nice when someone appreciates the pot as is before it's been decorated? I shows great form.

soubriquet said...

I really like pots left in bare clay, and those sploshes of glaze that the old potters weren't troubled by, they just get better, as they acquire a patina of age.
That dark-slipped dish is a beauty!

Trish said...

Wonderful! Love the dark slip too!
cheers. T from Alberta.