Saturday, 5 December 2009

Kat chup

These pots above are for a wood firing in the bottle kiln at Bideford in Devon the week after next which I had forgotten to make pots for! Doh I have until next Sunday morning to get these dried and bisc fired, hence the positioning next to the radiator and they are on a half hourly shuffle about to try keep it even!
One of the many money boxes that I have made lately, this one was born this week. I shall be filling my Etsy shop up tomorrow sometime and I figured on putting this in with some others that will be up for grabs.

Back view of the same pot.

Large scgraffitoed jug, this also was fresh from the kiln this week.


Here's that tapered jug from a couple of posts ago, i have another that I have decorated with sgraffotto asparagus which has been bisc fired but I figured on saving it for the wood kiln and one that went a bit more medieval looking than I usually make too.

Look what I found in our local Supermarket, wooo hooo VB! This is an Australian beer for those of you that don't know and I taste I haven't experienced for ten years now. I spent the majority of my 21st and 22nd years living in Perth in Western Australia and it took me straight back with the first sip, quality!!
I took Tig along to what turned out to be a very successfull craft fair for her in the back of a pub in Cheltenham this morning and then dashed back to get a glaze firing on and get the last of the affore mentioned pots decorated, scratch scratch. Before rushing back and giving her a break. so i'm going to take the rest of this evening off and start tomorrow by taking photos of pots for etsy. Back soon, have fun whatever you doing this weekend and check this out for some of the coolest pots in the world!!!!


Jon & Jo said...

They look stunning you must be well pleased, don't forget to post some pics of Bideford and the unloading.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

ooooooooooh Matt! such pots!